15 Best Red Lipstick Shades for 2022 - Iconic Red Lip Colors

2023-01-05 17:17:16 By : Ms. Emma Yin

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These culty makeup picks stand the test of time.

The best red lipstick shades aren't just beautiful—they're political. They're classic and yet entirely fresh. Red lips are one of Taylor Swift's favorite things to write about. Some red lipstick shades are so iconic you know them by name—999, Ruby Woo, Dragon Girl (the latter two are rumored to be Swift's go-tos, by the way). Hardcore red lipstick fans can spot the difference between scarlet, brick-red, and true red, and know that the ones that have stood the test of time deserve to be swiped on again and again to wear alone, or complement a glittery eyeshadow or liner.

If you're already a red lipstick fan or are looking to find a new tube to complete your signature makeup look, the 15 formulas below are exactly where you should start. "I personally test a new red lip out at least once a week, and I still spot a few new shades I haven't tried yet," associate beauty commerce editor Tiffany Dodson says of our curated list. Each one has been handpicked by editors and experts, and look great on just about anyone, with the added bonus of lasting all day without smearing or smudging. Although, isn't half the fun of wearing one of the best red lipsticks leaving a little trace of it wherever you go?

Arguably the most famous red lipstick shade, the semi-matte formula was even spun-off into a version made just for Rihanna called Riri Woo.

"Love the color. Mac products stay on longer and the lipstick is creamy and keeps lips moist longer!" —Cheryl

Dior's iconic 999 shade has had its fair share of celebrity fans over the years. It helps that it looks just as beautiful on every single skin tone.

"I love everything about this lipstick. Wears wonderfully all day. Creamy, smooth, luxurious." —MickellsMom

This pigmented formula is considered the go-to drugstore dupe for so many other designer red lipsticks on this list (we won't name names).

"It lasts all night, it's the best red I've tried before, I love its application, I love how it looks on my skin." —Liloa

There are a dozen perfect red shades in Chanel's arsenal—but Pirate is by far the most fun to say.

"I have long been a fan of red lipsticks so when Chanel introduced this new formula and I saw the gorgeous array of reds, I just had to give some a try! Passion is truly a drop dead beautiful red and good for any time of the day. Pirate is a bit darker and for some might be more of a evening color. Coromandel is a warmer bright red and very wearable. Palpitante is a delicious creamy feeling red with a fuschia cast - quite flattering and ladylike! If you are looking for a high quality lipstick, this formula and color variety will not disappoint!" —Tropical Traveler

An unapologetically bright color that falls somewhere between classic red and pink—it's no wonder Dragon Girl is a favorite of red lipstick queen Taylor Swift.

"The Velvet Matte Lip Pencils are a STAPLE in my pro artist kit. I've had them for years. They are quite literally one of my ride or die products. They are ALWAYS the first product I reach for when doing lips and they are perfect for sanitizing and having in the set bag without mess."-—Crazypretty

Rihanna's first red lipstick under her Fenty Beauty label is not only universally flattering, but once you swipe it on, the matte formula will last until you decide to wipe it off at the end of the night.

"I love this! I only have to apply it once and it NEVER budges! Wear it all day, eat, drink and never have to reapply. I always get compliments when I wear it. Color is beautiful, my favorite!" —ErwinK

Even the lipstick adverse will fall for Shiseido's genuinely weightless true red. Swipe or dab it on, and it feels like you aren't wearing anything at all.

"What else is there to say :) I love it. It’s just right for my fair skin tone.. I can wear it every day and it’s so comfortable!!! Holy grail status!" —Bearypretty

Although a newer formula than others on this list, once you jump for Gucci's signature red—especially in this gilded tube—you'll never look back. The ultra-soft matte color can be blurred on your lips for a just-there red, or layered on for an opaque pop.

"Love this lipstick. The formula feels soft and doesn’t dry out your lips but looks matte. The Goldie red has such a beautiful payoff. The packaging is also very beautiful. I never right reviews but was very impressed. Can’t wait to wear this out!" —TheyCallMeStacC

Long before Game of Thrones, the only Fire & Ice we'd know by name is this classic shade of Revlon lipstick (created all the way back in 1952!).

"I have been wearing Revlon Fire and Ice lipstick for years. I have had women stop me on the street and ask me what lipstick I was wearing. I try other lipsticks from time to time but I always go back to Revlon fire and ice." —Ye Olde Teacher

Hot Mama is a fiery matte red lipstick that pops on all skin tones. Once it dries, this lipstick will not budge until you wash it off at the end of the day.

"Great lipstick and the perfect red." —Lady T

Red and gold combine make a major statement for one of YSL's signature crimson shades with a satin finish over 900 Sephora customer swear by.

"Very pigmented and stays on all day. Doesn't transfer to your teeth, which I have a problem with sometimes. I have the matte version too, but this one stays on longer and feels better to wear. Most pigmented lipstick I've had." —clarrisse

Fans of this orange-red lipstick swear it's the best matte formula ever made: Creamy and smooth, never drying, long lasting, and totally scentless.

"This is one of the best lipsticks, I've ever bought. The rich color and texture makes for a nice matte finish with a vibrant color that lasts." —Ininih

Beauty Bakerie's waterproof, smudge-proof Matte Lip Whip formula is famous for never budging—even if you do indulge in a literal bowl of cherries.

"Salad with vinaigrette, pasta with cheese sauce, dessert, wine, coffee - nothing and I mean NOTHING budged this stuff! When you first put it on, you have a few minutes to fix mistakes but once it dries it will never do you wrong. And - my lips didn't end up cracked the next day. I'll be getting more shades for sure!" —Christina

You may think orange when you think Hermès—but the brand has a suite of red lipstick shades for every mood. We love Rouge Casaque the most, a radiant red inspired by the garments worn by jockeys.

"Beautiful luxury lipstick! I love how it looks on me (yellow, cool tone). It is not drying but it is not long-lasting. I'm a makeup collector so this is a perfect addition to my collection. The box and packaging is lovely!" —Mimiloveswreslting

The shoe designer brought his famous red soles to makeup, and the lipstick world hasn't been the same since.

"I have an olive/medium skin tone and I’ve always shied away from red lipsticks. Full disclosure, I bought this for the packaging. I know...don’t judge me...BUT, when it was delivered, I tried it and instantly fell in love. My lips look amazing on my Zoom calls and love that it’s neither sticky or drying. It’s the perfect moisturizing blend that doesn’t flake off. I do have to reapply half way thru the day, but that’s after multiple cups of coffee and lunch...and morning snacks. So yeah, would recommend. Five-stars." —Shoe Addict 4 Real